StreetEasy311 is a Chrome extension that works alongside listings to provide potential renters and buyers with additional, crowdsourced information about the listings they view.

Made to help NYC renters  make smarter decisions.

View data driven Landlord ratings before signing the lease: Effortlessly Negotiate Your Next Rent Using Our Reviews on Landlords - We Use Real Time Data on Unresolved Maintenance, Rent Increases and More.

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Download and use right on

StreetEasy311 is a Chrome extension that works alongside listings to provide potential renters and buyers with additional, crowdsourced information about the listings they view.

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Start using StreetEasy 311 today.

- Download StreetEasy 311 on the Chrome Store.

- Open a listing on and view existing complaints, landlord scores, tenant comments and more.

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If they make you sign a lease, know what you're getting into!

A safe and clean apartments leads to better quality work and increased productivity. Finding a good spot ultimately results in a more successful and profitable you.

Of renters have a negative sentiment of their landlord.
Of tenants find unlisted problems when they move in.

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Detailed analytics and reporting

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We believe that renters deserve 100% of what they pay for

Know what you're getting into before you take a tour, or sign a lease.

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Customer testimonials

Real feedback from our satisfied customers

"I usually search 311 for clients and this saves me so much time!"

Tessa Gidish


"StreetEasy 311 has made my life as a realtor so much easier. The plugin is intuitive and can be downloaded and working in 1 minute. I highly recommend it to any realtor or renter."
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Caleb Gaita

NYC Realtor

"Super helpful in my apartment search. Alot of buildings have pointless 311 complaints but this helps you identify when there may be a real issue you want to be aware of."

Pat Barther

NYC Resident

"Super helpful while looking for my first NYC apartment! I loved the landlord score and it definitely saved me from some potentially scary ones."
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Ariana Shives

NYC Renter

"StreetEasy 311 found over 400 complaints on a listing I was looking to sign! So helpful!!!"

Amada Reyes

NYC Resident

"Committing to an apartment in NYC for a year is SCARY! This extension is an absolute game changer!"

David Dobrik

NYC Resident


Most asked questions by our users

What is StreetEasy 311?

StreetEasy 311 Integrates with, providing you with a comprehensive overview of 311 service requests for the properties you view.

Can I try it free?

Absolutely! We have a free version that gives you 10 free views per month!

What data do you use for landlord and other scores?

311 accesses the number of 311 reports filed for the building, giving you a glimpse into its safety, maintenance, and management.View a breakdown of reports by issue type to discern common problems in the building, such as noise, plumbing, heating, and more.

Who is this useful for?

StreetEasy311 brings the power of knowledge right to the fingertips of Renters & Listing Agents, empowering your real estate decisions and price negotiation like never before. Our Chrome extension seamlessly integrates with, providing you with a comprehensive overview of 311 service requests for any apartment building you view. We make it easy for you to use Streeteasy, so you can always look for New York Apartments on Street Easy.

How do I start using it?

You can start by clicking here!

Still have questions?


There’s a whole world of bad apartments out there. Don't make a mistake!

Make informed choices with StreetEasy311. We believe that transparency is the key to a satisfactory rental experience.Don't just rent. Rent smarter with StreetEasy311!
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